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Starting with the line that connected our two co-founders Lintang Dewantari & Marco Chirico, Kasei Archive evolved into a deeper meditation on the invisible lines that connect us all. Founded on this principle of interconnectivity, Kasei Archive embodies the forces of rebirth, awakening passion through creation. Our vault of artistry entails the reinvention of great classic wardrobe and a full immersion of experimental electronic music. 

We arrived at Kasei because we wanted to evoke the burning desire and powerful drive to bring this project to life despite an uncertain world.

In Japanese Buddhism, the entity of fire (KA) in Kasei(火星) comes from one of the five elements (五大), but it is also the word for the fourth planet from the sun, Mars. Kasei represents our co-founders united under the same celestial body and our vision to create with intense, profound and explorative energy. 

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